E Woman to Transition From Social Network to Nonprofit Organization

E Woman is shifting its business model to offer critical aid to single mothers with special needs children.

E Woman, a social networking platform for women, is pleased to announce its transition to a nonprofit organization to provide critical aid to single mothers who have special needs children. This initiative will start in Uzbekistan, with the goal of expanding globally. While the company will remain a social networking platform as well, it is now expanding its reach so its ability to offer support can be taken to the next level.

In Uzbekistan, women still have limited opportunities to control their own futures due to societal restrictions. In addition, with some having special-needs children, many women are abandoned by their partners and left to fend for themselves. For Amy Shakhlo Karaman, founder and CEO of E Woman and a native of the country, this cause matters deeply.

"As a woman who has experienced the traditions in Uzbekistan first-hand, I recognize it's not always easy to establish your independence given these incredibly difficult circumstances," said Karaman. "At E Woman, we aim to support women in all aspects of their lives and look forward to the opportunity to offer additional aid through our new status as a nonprofit organization."

As E Woman shifts to a nonprofit, it has several upcoming initiatives that aim to provide assistance:

  • Through its Bright Soul Bracelets program, E Woman is able to travel to Uzbekistan and provide jobs to women by teaching them how to make bracelets. These bracelets are then sold in the U.S., and all profits raised go to single mothers.
  • In Uzbekistan, E Woman has partnered with the Committee on Women and Gender Equality and the Commission on Ensuring Gender Equality from the Senate of the Oliy Majlis, which is the parliament of the country.
  • Through the above partnership, E Woman has a goal to build at least five safe houses. The Gender Equality Commission is looking into ways to provide the necessary land to accomplish this mission.
  • E Woman also plans to serve women facing gender discrimination in Iran and Afghanistan.
  • In Tennessee, E Woman is working to have 10 female artists from Central Asia come to the U.S. to have a chance to showcase their artwork in a display called The Inside World of Central Asian Women.

The E Woman app was created to serve as an online women's support group and give women a safe place to empathize with others who may be going through similar experiences. It also provides forums for different events and stages in a woman's life, including single moms, working moms, finding work-life balance and coping with a loss.  

E Woman is available on www.ewoman.world and offered in every language. Members can join categorized groups anonymously or with their usernames to share their stories and connect in a judgment-free space.

To learn more, visit www.ewoman.world.

About E Woman

E Woman is a social media platform dedicated to every woman who feels alone. Founded by Amy Shakhlo Karaman, an immigrant who escaped an arranged marriage in Uzbekistan and came to America to build her life from the ground up, this online community allows women around the world to discuss similar struggles. E Woman is now available on www.ewoman.world and offers every language. Members can join categorized groups anonymously or with their usernames to share their stories and connect in a judgment-free space. To learn more, visit www.ewoman.world.

Source: E Woman